PUMA Run The Street

Video Production for PUMA Run The Street.

The city never quits. The hustle never stops. Here, attitude is #Limitless. And ambition runs wild. From humble beginnings to slowly working their way up to the top – four individuals of different backgrounds and artistry have built their craft on passion, drive, and endless creativity.

Client : PUMA Indonesia
Delivery Date : January 2017
Services : Video Production
Scriptwriter : 
Fadhil Kurnia Ardhana
Producer : Fariz Hilmansyah
Director : Ryoichi Adityo Hutomo
Line Producer : Norman Valentino
Director of Photography : Panekibo
Art Director : Ferry Anggriawan Syam
Make Up Artist : Vania Thufaila & Melissa Pratiwi
Editor : Muhammad A Bhimasena
Motion Graphic Artist : Dina Putri
Music Composer : Ardian Pratama
Color Grading : Hori

PUMA Indonesia | Hustlers #RunTheStreets

PUMA Indonesia | Teza Sumendra #RunTheStreets

PUMA Indonesia | Tristan Juliano #RunTheStreets

PUMA Indonesia | Alvin #RunTheStreets

PUMA Indonesia | Jiwangga #RunTheStreets

Behind The Scene – Teza Sumendra #RunTheStreets

PUMA #RunTheStreets Launching Event